Resolutions Week 3

By now you might be asking yourself, "Kaleena? Where did you go? It's already Tuesday!" And you'd be right. But...as I wrote most of this on Sunday and have completed my Monday and Tuesday tasks, rest assured I'm still getting stuff done.

For last week I give myself a B+

Things that went well:
-email inbox was consistently less than 50. Inbox Zero fan but I've been straying in recent months (well, year(s) actually)
-I feel good about what I've accomplished with everything (not just resolution specific) I was just telling my dad that I really like myself when I'm accomplishing things that I would like to accomplish and I really dislike myself when I'm putting off those things that I should be doing. If only I could skip that first part...hmmm...
-I've exercised several times with my dad in recent days (Walking/Jogging around 22 minutes for a 1.5 mile loop. I'm not ready to put this on my weekly list yet, but soon.
-I danced on Saturday!

Things that could go better next week:
-I've been cheating and getting double-duty Sunday (meaning that Sunday has been a day to catch up on last week's goals and still count as one of the days in the following week)
-I was to finish two books this week and the book I read was the weeniest of the bunch (so I finished this one, but stretching it) And I started 3 or 4 more. whoops
-I didn't get this post finished on Sunday

And my calendar from the week: (isn't it pretty with all the stars?)

Resolutions Week 3:
  1. Daily To-do list. On Sunday I made a list with 2ish things per day (M-F) They are large-ish projects that have been in my "someday" folder for quite awhile now. Some are 'getting a job' related. Others are really awesome programs that I would like to apply to (non-academic one) Each thing will take around 1 or 2 hours. And I've already finished Monday and Tuesday's items.
  2. Finish 2 books this week. And this time they have to be books with at least 250 pages.

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