Cleaning out the Closet

At the Griffin Center where I work, we have a monthly "25 cent sale". It's basically a giant garage sale where everything costs a quarter. Each month I manage to acquire 5-10 new clothing items which has been super fun to have a regular infusion of fun new clothes. It's been especially helpful since my body size has been changing and I've been able to get "new" clothes to keep up with the changes.

The one HUGE downfall to all this near-free clothing is my bulging closet. I keep adding and adding and not removing enough and even ran out of hangers.

Somewhere around the start of the new year a read a blog post with "50 ways to declutter your life" or something equally generic-sounding. (Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw the post and kind find it again, but it was on something like zenhabits or mnmlist...) I only tried one of the tips and I really, really like it!

Hang all your hangers in reverse and then once you wear something, hang it up in the correct orientation the next time.

See how a good half of them are backwards? I'm going to set a deadline of June 1 to wear it or get rid of it and with the hangers I have an easy way to keep track. This is also a fun way to force myself to try new shirts rather than getting stuck in the same 8 favorite shirts rut.