Ok, Fine! I'll be a dam engineer!

(Thanks Deanna for the punny title. And oops! Despite all my good ideas, it has still been several weeksmonths since I last posted.)

I'm currently in a bit of a limbo decided what to do with my life. I keep telling myself that I just need to pick something and that I'm not deciding between a "right" and a "wrong" option but just between several "right" options.

In less than a month, I've had two complete strangers separately tell me that I should be an engineer.

The first person was a speaker at TEDxDU, Neal Ford. Neal talked about how what's going to "save us" are engineers and in order to get more engineers we need to refocus our praise from athletes and actors to engineers! (The best part of is talk is in the first 5 minutes.)

And the next stranger was Bill Nye the Science Guy! Bill Nye was the "Humanist of the Year" at the American Humanist Association Conference that I attended a couple weeks ago. I chatted with him for a few minutes late that night I receive some more sage advice. And we swapped stories about our time working at Boieng.

OK, Fine! I'll be a dam engineer! (well, prolly not a dam engineer--I just like the pun.)