I could be paid to facebook!

I just found out about an awesome temp job in Boulder for the month of February. My friend Yoli fowarded the job posting to me because she thought it fit my "savvy internet skills". The more I read about it the more excited I get! I would be a "NBC Olympic Content Moderator Manager" for an agency called Swarm Collective. The Swarm Collective believes that "every single one of us has the power to inspire those around us." This reminded me of an author that was just featured on The Colbert Report:
(only he used a herd of buffalo instead of a swarm of bees)

From what I can understand I would be moderating content for the 2010 Winter Olympics for the Olympic Pulse. Wahoo for the 2010 Winter Olympics! (Maybe if I'm really lucky I'll be able to see Mr. Colbert in his red spandex again...)

Coolest job ever? I think yes.


  1. Kaleena, I LOVE your profile picture on here!!

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  2. Thanks Nicole! It's one of my favorite pictures of me...