Resolutions Week 1

←This post just needed a picture, but isn't it terrific?
I've decided that instead of resolutions for the year that I'm going to try resolutions for the week. I think that this way I can set myself up for success by having more achievable goals. I think I got the idea from "A Purpose Driven Life" weekly calendar that I had in middle school and never used. Each week you were supposed to list the things you wanted to work on for that week. And when I was in INVST, each semester we had to do a Personal Learning Project which was a way to attach a self-given grade to a change you are hoping to make in your life. So in that spirit...

I plan on sharing each week's resolution(s) here for some sort of accountability. I intend to keep the goals quantifiable and updating each Sunday evening. And some I will probably keep to myself. And I might have recurring ones too. OH! And I'm going to make note card of each one and then make some sort of cool collage on my wall. I guess what I'm really trying to say with all this is that my "rules" are subject to change.

Resolutions Week 1:
  1. Dance at least 5 minutes per day. And yes--crazy, dancing by myself in my room counts but I welcome dance partners. And toddler Asha and River style dancing counts too. (You should try it. It's awesome) Thanks to Audra and my sister, Deanna, for inspiring this one.
  2. Spend at least 4 hours per day (M-F) toward getting a job. And use a tiemr. Yes, I realize that as a jobless person I should be spending at least 8 hours a day getting a job. I really haven't been putting any time into this in the past month so I'm working up to it. Let's just say that I've been really enjoying the unemployed life. And Lauren's Marathon! And Christmas! and my sister had a baby! and I got sick! and, and, and...yes. I need to get a job now.
Since this is changing each week, to keep track I'm going to keep it old school and just write it on a calendar.


  1. You go Girl! Dance every day. I like that one a lot.

    Oh, and get a job. That would be good.

  2. I like the dance atleast 5 minutes!!! There is nothing better than crankin up the music and lettin it out!

  3. :)
    Just dance, gonna be okay..