Fight for Air Pics

A few more game day pictures. Thanks to Lynelle, Neil, and  kimmykazu for posting on meetup!

Installing my timing chip on my shoe

Love that Colorado blue sky!

Team Zoom! We raised over $2300 for the American Lung Association
Made it to the top!

Post race chow at Rialto's



Cute Poster at the top

I started the day under-slept and insufficiently hydrated, but I placed 780 out of 1793 climbers. Really? I was faster than more than half of the super fit looking people there?!?! Wahoo! I'm above average! My goal was to finish in less than 15 minutes so I couldn't be more pleased with my finishing time of 13:40. (Official Results)

When my team first arrived to the start line it was out the door and around the corner, but by the time actually jumped in line, it had disappeared. I was expecting to get a few moments to center myself while in line, but before I knew it a man's hand was on my shoulder to get my attention to tell me to "GO!"

The first 20ish floors were the hardest because I had a sharp pain in my right knee every time I took a step. I never had this while practicing and it was so bad that I strongly considered quitting several times. I finally stopped long enough to kick out my leg hard on one of the landings and it magically fixed itself and was quickly forgotten.

I wish they had some sort of  "slow people on the outside" convention because passing the slower folks took a lot of energy. And I had to do it a lot. They had heats scheduled every five minutes but that really just gave a guideline for when to jump in line. They ended up releasing the climbers every 5-10 seconds continuously.

They had cheerleaders along the route but somehow didn't get them spread out very well and they were only on the lower half of the building. Loud blowers pushed refreshing cold air into the shaft but that only happened twice and once you were just a couple floors from the blowers it was obnoxiously hot again.

I was glad I wore a stop watch. I could watch my splits knowing that I needed to hit every 10 floors in less than 3 minutes to meet my goal. And it was helpful mentally to be able to look at my time and tell myself, "Only 7 more minutes of hell and then I can rest... Only 3 more minutes of hell and then I can rest." It worked because I didn't take any breaks.

I was expecting to end outside and was disappointed when it ended in a conference room rather than bursting into the sunshine with a 360 degree view of the city. Still a gorgeous view from the top though.

A couple nights ago I was telling a guy about my weekend plans and mentioned that the Republic Plaza is the tallest building in Denver. We got in an argument because he said "No, the Century Link building is taller!" Well, I now have evidence that I'm right ;) We were obviously higher than the nearby Century Link building. (And wiki agrees so it must be true)

The shorter Century Link building 
OK, maybe not so "obviously". It's only 5 feet shorter than the Republic Plaza.

The usual crummy free event t-shirt turned out to be a super shnazzy running jersey. And a fancy "participant" medal too!

Thank you so much to those of you who made my fundraising super dooper easy: Mom and Dad, Renee, My Biggest Cheerleader, Pluto, and Matt.

Still to come: picture of my new and improved calf muscles. :) And my next fitness goal to tackle for the year? Half-marathon! And I might be doing one of those insane-looking, dirty competitions. Tough Mudder or Rugged Maniac. Time will tell...

Can't wait for next year!


Knees and Feet

Saturday night I walked several miles in high-heel shoes and danced the night away too. And now everything hurts. Ya know what that means? I need more dancing in my life!

Unfortunate timing though because my Fight for Air climb is coming up. This Sunday. 6 days away. I only did a couple runs today up and down my apartment complex because everything hurts. It's discouraging because I wanted to blow this out of the water. I'll still do fine. And may even still finish with my goal of under 15 minutes, but it will be hard.

For now, it's ibuprofen and ice time.

From the middle of downtown it's tough to see which building is the tallest,
but from my apartment it's easy: It's the tallest one.

They posted the start times and I'm super thankful that I don't have to get up stupid early for it. The heats take off every 5 minutes and I'm going up at 11:05, #895.

Sunday! SUNDAY! SunDAY!! (Monster Truck Rally Style)

(Also, blogging is fun. I think I spent 5 minutes typing this guy up. I should do more...)


Happy Darwin Day!

A couple funnies:

You never know where this guy's gonna pop up (Get it? Because it's toast? Oh dear.)

From the National Center for Science Education

I can't find the original source for the toast so thanks to the author and thanks to those who posted on facebook. I'll be celebrating next weekend with SSaSS in Boulder, but will only be able to pop in because I'm already attending a conference the same weekend.

Introductory Essay Art Appreciation

Space Mysteries by Vance Kirkland
my favorite piece from my recent visit to the Denver Art Museum
I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon wandering the Denver Art Museum and to be frank, I don’t get it. At least not most of it. I am extremely left-brained and most art I see leaves me scratching my head with a “huh?” I was constantly worried about what the appropriate length of time to spend in front of piece was and wanted to scurry through so I could hit each thing at least once.

I want the world to have right and wrong answers. Yes and no. Black and White. That binary world that I want simply doesn’t exist in this world and especially not in the art world. There is art that appeals to me, but it seems to be rare and usually lovely by classical standards. I do, however, have art that I appreciate. Most of the art that I love has a story that goes with it. In my room I have prints of a couple impressionist paintings as well as a few collages made by myself and some made by friends.

The use of color is the first thing I notice when looking at art. I love art with bold or bright colors with any theme. The quilt currently on my bed is handmade (by me) and is is a patchwork of beautiful Hawaiian colors of every shade in a rainbow. I sometimes long for a comforter that has more calming colors but usually this quilt brings a smile to my face every time I enter my room.

My Hawaiian Quilt. One of these days I need to make it to Hawaii as an adult.
Rumor has it that I was there when I was a baby.

I love keeping my hands occupied while engaging in mindless activities (especially TV watching). Most of the art at that I’ve made has come in the form of hobbies while watching TV. I enjoying cross-stitching or simply pulling out a box of crayons and coloring in a coloring book. I also appreciate visual ways of displaying information that I think can be considered art as well. I could spend all afternoon browsing infographics and appreciate keeping my daily to-do lists colorful and engaging.

"Art Corner" It's pretty scattered so it's hidden behind my door.

I consider art to be a way of expressing oneself and an attempt to communicate that expression with others. Art can come in virtually any form and I think the only thing that distinguishes “art” from everything else is the intention of the artist. If an artist intends for something to be art, then it is art. My only expectation of art is that it beckons me to stop and just be for a moment.