Elbow Update

(written 12/19) Surprisingly, I'm not nervous (at least not yet) about my upcoming surgery on Tuesday. I do, however, keep coming up with silly/ridiculous questions: (answers in pink)
  1. Will I have to wear one of those silly shower caps? yes! but I don't ever remember anyone putting it on.
  2. Can I wear socks, or will my feet just freeze. I got to wear tan, thick socks with grippy thingies on the bottom. They're my new, favorite wear-around-the-house socks
  3. In addition to numbing my arm, will they sedate me? Cause otherwise I think I will talk too much--that's what I do when I'm uncomfortable/nervous. Yeah, they did sedate me too. And I did talk too much until they sedated me :)
  4. Can I eat afterward? I think I'll be hungry cause I can't eat before. yes, but i didn't eat anything till about 7 at night. weird.

The surgery went well! The surgeons found several small pieces of cartilage and also a chunk of loose tissue that they took out. Hopefully (fingures crossed) the stuff they took out of my elbow was the culprit for the pain in my elbow. I wont find out few several weeks though. They put a cast on my arm and I spent a week with my parents and had a loverly time.

Yesterday, I had a check-up and my Dr. took out the stiches and I now have a new splint (it's removable though)

Apparently my recovery is all going as it should. I start physical therapy tomorrow which I'm sure will be quite painful.

(oh, and gorry picture of the inside of my elbow to come--I forgot to ask my doctor for it yesterday.)



I like this word. I thought I got it from South Park, but apparently it was really The Simpsons I'm glad someone finally explained to me why I like it:


Human Rights Campaign and Celestial Seasonings

So, I promised some friends and classmates that I would send this a long time ago. What better time to do it than finals week when I have thousands of more timely things to get done! Although I have not sent this letter until today, I have completely avoided all Hain Celestial Group products since October of 2007. Also, I started with this company since I used to work there and thoroughly enjoy Celestial Seasonings products--but, it's just a start.
December 14, 2008

The Hain Celestial Group
Consumer Relations
4600 Sleepytime Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301

Dear Sir or Madam:

As a former employee of The Hain Celestial Group I was saddened to learn of the consistently low score that I have seen in the Human Rights Campaign Buyer’s Guide. As an ally to the LGBT community, I feel that it is my responsibility to make wise purchasing choices by avoiding companies that do not actively support this community. You can view the 2009 version of the “Buying for Equality” Guide here: http://www.hrc.org/buyersguide2009/hrc_buyersguide_09.pdf.

I will not be purchasing any products from The Hain Celestial Group until your score is “in the green” (between 80 and 100)



My pretty living room painting

courtesy of my roomie, Yola!

Kaleena's on a posting frenzy!!

So, last night I went with Gopi to a World Affairs Anthenaeum and had an incredible time!

The presenter was Cliff Stoll. He's an astronomer and mathematician (among many things) at Berkeley and his talk was titled, "Extracting Money from the Fourth Dimension".

I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of and I finally figured out that it was Doc Brown from back to the future. (Only Cliff is even cooler)

What an amazing person! The best part about the evening was before supper, Gopi and I were the only people sitting at our table...until Cliff, the presenter, came and sat down with us! We talked about absolutely everything: Gopi's dissertation, parenting, the use of technology in the classroom, astrophysics, and lots more things that I can't even remember. Cliff was genuine, compassionate and hilarious

Once the presentation started, I had to nudge him to stand up and go do his thing (because during the introductions, he was still talking to us and shoveling the last bits of food into his mouth).

The picture at the top is of Cliff holding a Klein bottle. (It's sort of like a 3D version of a Möbius strip) Now here's where I get confused. Apparently a Klein bottle is really a four dimensional object, and the picture shown above is just a 3D version of it. Cliff makes the glass Klein bottles as well as Klein bottle knitted hats Möbius strip scarves and (and that's how he "extracts money from the fourth dimension")

During the talk he quickly became the crowd favorite by drinking some random audience member's coffee, quickly exclaiming that it needed cream and then grabbed a fork and scraped a dollop of frosting off someone else's plate and stirred it into his coffee. Yay for sharing!

If you want a small taste of how awesome this guy is, watch this:

Merry Christmas Deanna

This is your x-mas present--it's from the heart. (It's my water bottle in the trash)

Bye, bye Bisphenol-A

"Prop 8 - The Musical"

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