2012 Update

I got so much done this week!!

  • Took down Christmas decorations
  • Returned a cell phone, bought a new cell phone
  • Donated blood
  • Teeth cleaned (I learned that I've been flossing behind my permanent retainer incorrectly for nine years now! It was hard to do before, but now it's about three times harder!)
  • Tires balanced and rotated
  • Lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in years
  • Inbox from 850 down to 270
  • Unsubscribed from numerous blogs and newsletters
  • Spring cleaned my bedroom
  • Vacuum apartment
  • Fundraised for Fight for Air Climb (thanks friends!) and started training

I've been writing one or two "big things" on my wall calendar a couple days in advance and that has been pretty effective.

ALSO!!! This is my 200th post on this blog. I feel like I should do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight! But really, it's not that exciting. Just a number that I happened to notice.

School starts tomorrow and I have a clean backpack with all my supplies packed. I still need to pack a lunch though. I'm scared to start again...


My Mountain

A little more steel and glass than the mountains I usually like to climb but still gorgeous in her own way.

Republic Plaza. Tallest building in Denver
I couldn't even back up far enough from the building to capture the whole thing, base to top.

I finally did the easy part and registered for the darn event. Now for the hard part: Raise money for the American Lung Association. (Got an extra dollar? Or you can paypal me. Or if you're a Luddite, you can mail me a check) And the harder part: Train!

Note: In 6 weeks, my legs will be 4.38x sexier than hers
I've been using the stairs every time to get to my 8th floor apartment (average of probably 3 times per day) unless I have guests with me, my bike or a heavy load. Today I did my 11 floors for the first time in 1:50. I just need to do my 11 floors 5 more times to equal the Republic Plaza ;)

I checked out the beast up close and in person today. I tried to get access to the stairwell but unfortunately was unsuccessful. The stairwell was locked on the first floor so I though, "Easy! I just need to get to a higher floor to get in because it can't be locked on higher floors... Fires and whatnot!" So I jumped in the elevator only to discover that I didn't have the proper credentials to get to any non-1st floor. With mocking cruelty, the elevator held me hostage for several minutes while it traveled to a few different floors only for the doors to yet again, not open. Oh well, my apartment complex is still sufficiently tall for great practice.

Wish me luck!


Goals for 2012

From Denver Cruisers Happy New Year Newsletter
2011 was the best year of my life and I have no doubt that 2012 will be even better.

My goals:
  • Find My Inner Athlete.
    • Fight for Air Climb. 26 Feb 2012. What? Walk up a super tall building for fun?? Are you crazy? Apparently, yes. 56 Floors. I'll be training by gettin' intimate with the 11 floors (157 steps) in my apartment complex as well as hitting up at least 1 of the 5 practice runs on the real deal in the next *gasp* 7 weeks.  
    • Half Marathon. The longest distance I've ever run in my life was 6 miles. I'll be doubling that and then some this year. I like the looks of the Greenland Trail 25K 5 May 2012 because my favorite running is trail-running, but the timing of the Denver Rock 'n' Roll 22 Sept 2012 is probably more realistic.
    • 1 Pull-up. From arms fully extended to chin above the bar. Just one. More would be awesome, but I've never been able to do one in my life so I'll start there. I have a couple friends with pull-up bars in their homes and I've already been practicing. 
    • Lose 20 pounds. This goal brings me to the high end of "normal" for my height/age.
  • Read 56 books. This should have been an easy one last year. And I'm embarrassed that I missed it by so much. So I'm giving it another go.
  • Journal. Weekly maybe? This one needs some more hashing out. Weekly seems reasonable. I need a better outlet for the junk rolling around in my head.
  • Talk Less, Listen More.  A corollary to the "Journal" above. Last year was all about me. I would like to find a better balance this year and give other people in my life more consideration. 
  • Work on "Larger Projects". For instance, I have a giant box full of paperwork that needs to be scanned, sorted, and then discarded. It's an overwhelming job that needs to be broken down into manageable chunks every day.

Ooof. Those last three are way too vague for my liking. I'll post and then think on it some more...

I realized one thing I was lacking last year was a periodic review of my goals. So, I've also included a reminder in my calendar so this post will be emailed to me monthly. Last year I didn't review it until a friend brought it to my attention in October--too late for any realistic course corrections.


Republican for a Day?

I'm thinking about registering as a Republican so I can participate in the upcoming Republican Caucuses (7 Feb 2012). The deadline is today to give/update a party affiliation and thankfully Colorado has made it super easy to do so online. (Register to vote if you haven't already done so!)

I've changed party affiliation from Unaffiliated to Democrat too many times to count but this would be my first venture to red side. I suppose next I'll have to decide for whom I will caucus. It would be fun to cast my vote for the worst presidential candidate but that just feels wrong. Frankly, I would like to see Huntsman doing better and if Iowa has anything to say about it my one vote could make a difference.

Any good reason to not do it? The only drawback I can think of really isn't a drawback at all which is that I would perpetually be on the Rebublican mailing lists. But it's good to stay informed, right?

**update** 1138 hrs
Shoot. Just double-checked. The deadline to affiliate with the Republicans was a month ago since their caucus is a month earlier than the Democrats. I'll still keep it in mind for the primaries in August though...