Andrew Romanoff for Senate

I wish I could've posted this as fast as the Colorado Independent and the Colorado Springs Independent, (They already had articles up two hours later!) but I'm not paid to write so I suppose it's OK.

On Tuesday I was in Denver for an interview and since I was in the area I stopped by Andrew Romanoff's campaign office for a press conference. I assumed that it was going to be something about the governor race since Mayor Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff were seen as the front runners for the spot (After Secretary of Interior Salazar decided to remain at his post.)

Romanoff immediately said that despite many phone calls asking him to run for governor, he will be running for Unites States Senate (against incumbent Michael Bennet in the primary) and fully stands behind Mayor Hickenlooper for Governor.

Romanoff talked about the usually suspects: jobs, economy and health care. But he also spoke passionately about changing the system asking "How do we reclaim our democracy?" One of the ways he is doing this is by not accepting contributions from Political Action Committees. So far this commitment has worked well for the Romanoff campaign since "in the last quarter, more Coloradans contributed to our campaign than to any other candidate for any office in our state."

I first met Romanoff when he announced his candidacy last September. I was impressed with him then and was even more impressed with him on Tuesday. I decided to be brave and meet him after the press conference. When I introduced myself he shook my hand and introduced himself as just "Andrew". And yes, I might just have a little crush on him too. What can I say? He has a great smile and he oozes charisma! Too bad he is twice my age...

I would like to invite you to read or watch his entire speech and when the time comes, vote for him!

(The first two photos are from my camera and I found that last one that someone took at the same time on Romanoff's facebook page)

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