My Entertaining Professors

They make me giggle! (click for bigger pics)

My Structural Materials professor explaining how he attempts to teach to -σ to attempt to capture 84% of the class. The upper 2σ are going to be bored out of their minds and the lower 2σ are just screwed. There's a bell curve in there somewhere. I especially like the sad face and the happy face:

Here's my Fluid Dynamics professor explaining evaporation by way of the French Revolution:

It's gonna be a great semester :)



It's been hazy in Denver lately. I miss my usual blue, blue skies that have been overrun by yuck from wildfires in nearby states. The blah color reminded me that I never linked to my guest post on my own blog:

My View of the Colorado Wildfires
Tuesday was the nightmare day. The fire more than doubled in size and forced thousands more people to be evacuated, including my parents. I was once again stunned by my apathetic neighbors in Denver, only 60 miles away, going about their business as usual while the fire consumed my thoughts and my time for the better part of a week. I attempted to escape from the non-stop news coverage by first taking a long nap and then later watching a baseball game at a nearby bar but each time I checked back in with the real world the fire had grown significantly. I continually reminded myself and high school friends affected by the fire that “My family is safe. Your family is safe. Only things are in danger of being burned.”