Resolutions Week 2

Last week went OK-ish. All-in-all I would give myself a B-. The week started out swimmingly but then...life happened. (Feel free to inquirer for more details) And I ended up having to work on the weekend and that stunk. But! I have some amazing leads for jobs that I'm excited about and I really do love dancing and I made some positive changes! (oh and the black X on the 13th means I exercised)

This is my calendar for the week:

So onward to a better next week!

Resolutions Week 2:
  1. Reply to email/voice mail within 24 hours. I did a test run on this one last week and probably 99% of the emails I get take less than a minute to respond to yet somehow I often manage to put it off for weeks.
  2. Finish 2 books this week. Yet again I've started 6 books over the last few weeks and have finished none of them.
  3. Install DDR and use it at least once. This one is for continuing to dance! Sadly I bought DDR mats a few years ago and then got rid of them because I never used them. Then I bought them again...and never used them.
Thanks for reading!

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