Boulder Outlook is sooooo cool

Local authors even write about us!
"The Boulder Outlook Hotel, where Erin was staying, looked more like a trendy mall than a hotel. A rack of rental bikes lined the front, and twenty-somethings sat at the outside café tables, chatting and working on laptops.

. . .

I followed him through the immense common area with a restaurant, bar and swimming pool with faux rocks and fountains.
'Why is there no pool smell?'
'I don't know. It's some kind of environmental thing. They have a zero-waste policy, whatever that is.' Erin seemed to think I should be impressed."
--Esri Rose in her new book "Stolen Magic"

yep. too cool for school. and the rest of the book was super fun too.


Junk to Explore 4

-Monty Python's flying circus
-Slumdog millionaire
-The UltraMind solution
-Bridge to Terabithia / Katherine Paterson ; illustrated by Donna Diamond
-Boston legal. Season one
-Backyard composting
-Holy Horrors
-Illustrated Answers to 100 Basic Science Questions
-Holy Hatred: Religious Conflicts of the '90s
-2000 years of Disbelief: Famous People with the Courage to Doubt
-Honest Doubt: Essays on Atheism in a Believing Society
-Amazon Moon
-the selfless gene
-women without superstition
-columbine, dave cullen
-The Atheist's Way: Living Well Without Gods, Eric Maisel
-Quiverfull, Kathryn Joyce
-American Violet, documentary
-Black Cloud, Sir Fred Hoyle
-RL's Dream, Walter Mosley
-Three Cups of Tea, Greg Montenson
-Juanita Molina
-doubt a history, Jennifer Hecht
-Holy Hullabaloos, James
-The Hour I first believed, wally lamb
-one last chance, jerry borrowman