30 Days of Biking Thoughts

Soooo, I saw this thing on facebook through a couple friends: 30 Days of Biking. I hastily signed up a couple weeks ago and then decided it might actually be super awesome and exactly what I need.  The goal? Get on your bike everyday during the month of April. That's it.

I would like to have some sort of reporting in on social media aspect, but also know that piece can tend to hold me back from posting anything at all so I'm trying to be charitable with my head. A daily picture would be fun. Do I post to twitter or instagram or facebook or all 3? Do I post to one and then link the other 2? Do I post natively to all three? What about the 10-bazillion other ways I could track and post? What if I forget to take a cool picture one day but have 4 great pictures for the other days? ACCCKK!!!

I'm using my usual go-to fitness tracker Runkeeper to track. Only because I've been using it for the longest. But 30 Days of biking is also partnering with a new app, Ride Report, It's still unreleased but fun to try out for a month. The goal is that you don't hafta do anything and it tracks automatically which really appeals to me. I'll report back on the app later. Also, they have the prettiest logo you ever did see:

So far I'm 3/3 in April, but here are some challenges coming up:

  • Travel: I'll be in Colorado over tax day and a functioning bike may be hard to find. 
  • Bad Weather: Yep. Already came up on Day 3. The plan? Just get wet and live to tell the tail.
  • Long Work Days. With full evenings after work: The personal minimum in my head is a 2 miles ride. Which is only 7-10 minutes on my bike. I can make room for a 10 minute ride even on a busy day. My body will thank me.

A few rides in made me rethink the initial pledge I wrote. It's quite a bit simpler than that:
Learn to love myself again and smile at myself more often when I look in the mirror.


Join me?

I'll prolly use this initial post as a spot to index rides and thoughts and edit it periodically.


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  1. You've got one more option to distribute pictures - BLAST to everyone in your contacts list! (Kidding.)