Day 10

I had a plan, darnit! Thwarted by rain again so I didn't make it to the Engineers Without Borders SLU Fundraiser at Chipotle tonight. Post work chill time was loverly though...

Instead, I sped-walked to the train and headed to a concert on the UMSL campus. "Percussion Ensemble and Vocal Point in Concert" My friend Matt is the head of percussion studies there.

I ended up getting there super early and giggled thinking of my car-free days--rarely late because you hafta plan ahead.

16 min walk if you follow blue dots. Or 2 min walk as the crow flies. All paved even!

I spent my free time podcasting (Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me with Hickenlooper), "moving around colorful dots on the screen" (aka candy crush), and attempting to take artful pictures. And watched the sunset too!!

Lots of the concert reminded me of my African Dance class I had at CU Boulder and I sooo wanted to get up and dance. I politely bopped my head along quietly though.

Matt's the leftmost of the drummers

I finally got home around 10 and realized I still need to do a quickie on the saddle.

From one end of The Grove to the other. 
I made a seesaw! Or something. 

2.41 Miles

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