Day 11

This afternoon I have a couple meetings nearish to where I live so I stopped at home between the two and hopped on my bike to head to the second. It was only 1/3 of a mile away and I probably could've walked their faster by the time I got all the appropriate gear situated. Ah well. It was fun to make a statement with my arrival.

I mentally noted how I've been judgey of other people's mode of transportation with a "Really? You an architect/engineer! You're gonna show up to a meeting with developers/owners/clients in THAT?!?!" and then I showed up on bike. Hehe. I suppose I should work on that.

This is my kind of redevelopment. Close to home. Equipment Company to Brewery. Reuse an existing building and add some flair! The other people on site needed to check out the building but I needed to check out the condition of the parking lot and figure out where the stormwater goes.

Note my bike parked on the fence
The Old. Dinzler Equipment Company
The New. Rockwell Beer Company Rendering from NextSTL
I also hopped on my bike a second time today for homemade dinner with friends hosted by Andrea.

#protip water bottle holders are the perfect size for most wine bottles

4.53 miles

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