Knees and Feet

Saturday night I walked several miles in high-heel shoes and danced the night away too. And now everything hurts. Ya know what that means? I need more dancing in my life!

Unfortunate timing though because my Fight for Air climb is coming up. This Sunday. 6 days away. I only did a couple runs today up and down my apartment complex because everything hurts. It's discouraging because I wanted to blow this out of the water. I'll still do fine. And may even still finish with my goal of under 15 minutes, but it will be hard.

For now, it's ibuprofen and ice time.

From the middle of downtown it's tough to see which building is the tallest,
but from my apartment it's easy: It's the tallest one.

They posted the start times and I'm super thankful that I don't have to get up stupid early for it. The heats take off every 5 minutes and I'm going up at 11:05, #895.

Sunday! SUNDAY! SunDAY!! (Monster Truck Rally Style)

(Also, blogging is fun. I think I spent 5 minutes typing this guy up. I should do more...)

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