My Mountain

A little more steel and glass than the mountains I usually like to climb but still gorgeous in her own way.

Republic Plaza. Tallest building in Denver
I couldn't even back up far enough from the building to capture the whole thing, base to top.

I finally did the easy part and registered for the darn event. Now for the hard part: Raise money for the American Lung Association. (Got an extra dollar? Or you can paypal me. Or if you're a Luddite, you can mail me a check) And the harder part: Train!

Note: In 6 weeks, my legs will be 4.38x sexier than hers
I've been using the stairs every time to get to my 8th floor apartment (average of probably 3 times per day) unless I have guests with me, my bike or a heavy load. Today I did my 11 floors for the first time in 1:50. I just need to do my 11 floors 5 more times to equal the Republic Plaza ;)

I checked out the beast up close and in person today. I tried to get access to the stairwell but unfortunately was unsuccessful. The stairwell was locked on the first floor so I though, "Easy! I just need to get to a higher floor to get in because it can't be locked on higher floors... Fires and whatnot!" So I jumped in the elevator only to discover that I didn't have the proper credentials to get to any non-1st floor. With mocking cruelty, the elevator held me hostage for several minutes while it traveled to a few different floors only for the doors to yet again, not open. Oh well, my apartment complex is still sufficiently tall for great practice.

Wish me luck!

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