Republican for a Day?

I'm thinking about registering as a Republican so I can participate in the upcoming Republican Caucuses (7 Feb 2012). The deadline is today to give/update a party affiliation and thankfully Colorado has made it super easy to do so online. (Register to vote if you haven't already done so!)

I've changed party affiliation from Unaffiliated to Democrat too many times to count but this would be my first venture to red side. I suppose next I'll have to decide for whom I will caucus. It would be fun to cast my vote for the worst presidential candidate but that just feels wrong. Frankly, I would like to see Huntsman doing better and if Iowa has anything to say about it my one vote could make a difference.

Any good reason to not do it? The only drawback I can think of really isn't a drawback at all which is that I would perpetually be on the Rebublican mailing lists. But it's good to stay informed, right?

**update** 1138 hrs
Shoot. Just double-checked. The deadline to affiliate with the Republicans was a month ago since their caucus is a month earlier than the Democrats. I'll still keep it in mind for the primaries in August though...

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