Goals for 2012

From Denver Cruisers Happy New Year Newsletter
2011 was the best year of my life and I have no doubt that 2012 will be even better.

My goals:
  • Find My Inner Athlete.
    • Fight for Air Climb. 26 Feb 2012. What? Walk up a super tall building for fun?? Are you crazy? Apparently, yes. 56 Floors. I'll be training by gettin' intimate with the 11 floors (157 steps) in my apartment complex as well as hitting up at least 1 of the 5 practice runs on the real deal in the next *gasp* 7 weeks.  
    • Half Marathon. The longest distance I've ever run in my life was 6 miles. I'll be doubling that and then some this year. I like the looks of the Greenland Trail 25K 5 May 2012 because my favorite running is trail-running, but the timing of the Denver Rock 'n' Roll 22 Sept 2012 is probably more realistic.
    • 1 Pull-up. From arms fully extended to chin above the bar. Just one. More would be awesome, but I've never been able to do one in my life so I'll start there. I have a couple friends with pull-up bars in their homes and I've already been practicing. 
    • Lose 20 pounds. This goal brings me to the high end of "normal" for my height/age.
  • Read 56 books. This should have been an easy one last year. And I'm embarrassed that I missed it by so much. So I'm giving it another go.
  • Journal. Weekly maybe? This one needs some more hashing out. Weekly seems reasonable. I need a better outlet for the junk rolling around in my head.
  • Talk Less, Listen More.  A corollary to the "Journal" above. Last year was all about me. I would like to find a better balance this year and give other people in my life more consideration. 
  • Work on "Larger Projects". For instance, I have a giant box full of paperwork that needs to be scanned, sorted, and then discarded. It's an overwhelming job that needs to be broken down into manageable chunks every day.

Ooof. Those last three are way too vague for my liking. I'll post and then think on it some more...

I realized one thing I was lacking last year was a periodic review of my goals. So, I've also included a reminder in my calendar so this post will be emailed to me monthly. Last year I didn't review it until a friend brought it to my attention in October--too late for any realistic course corrections.

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