3 months later...

(Note I wrote this 17Jul2011, but scheduled it to be posted the day I'm leaving. All this "goodbye" nonsense was making me sad and seemed a little premature.)

Funny. I was just rereading my last blog post. From April. Where I wrote about making St. Louis my new semi-permanent home. Times have changed. After looking at school options here in St. Louis and not finding any that fit, I've decided to move to Denver, Colorado to go back to school.

The plan is Civil Engineering at University of Colorado at Denver. (Same school system as before, but different city) I'm still interested in engineering in developing countries. (I stay "still" as I've been giving this answer for a couple years now...I think that's a good sign)

Things I will miss about St. Louis:
  • The Griffin Center: Thanks for a great place to work. More than anything I love my coworkers that supported me and always kept me laughing. (Even if they were mostly laughing at me and my crazy white-girl shenanigans.) I can't believe I wont have a 25 cent sale nearby to update my wardrobe periodically. P.S. I can dance goshdarnit! You just aren't appreciating my "unique" style ;) And thanks Americorps ESL for making this adventure financially feasible.
  • Skeptical Society of St. Louis: Great people. Great conversations. Great drinks. Great memories. Mike? You're doing a fantastic job!
  • The Ethical Society: Funny. I waited to join the ethical society until I thought I was staying so I could make a real commitment to this community and just this morning I had to tell them I was moving away. I've only been a member for two months. Whoops! Thank you for engaging my brain in a loving community. I'm sad I wont have one to attend in Denver. Deed before Creed!
Yup. Just got added to the welcome board at the Ethical Society
  • Countless New Experiences: Hopefully I'll continue this trend for the rest of my life, but St. Louis has brought lots of "newness" to my life. Too many things to list. And those of you close to me can ponder a bit and chuckle ;)
  • Long-time Family Friends--Diane, Jeff and Karen: Thank you for taking me under your wing. For being my home away from home. For inviting me over for supper. For gently questioning what was in store for my future. For letting me invite myself over for supper. For supporting me in every way. I'm lucky that my parents made such good friends and I'm lucky that friendship has continued with me!
  • New Friends: You each hold a special place in my heart! By far the hardest part about deciding to move away was you. Please keep in touch and know that you are loved.
If you're reading this on the Friday it was posted, I'm in the middle of a 14 hour drive and could likely use your company. Feel free to give me a call!

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  1. We'll miss you - hope you're having a good drive.

    Maybe you and Phil Plait will have to team up to start a Front Range Ethical Society ;)