Goals for 2011

Looking forward to this year, goals for 2011:
  • Read 56 books. 1 per week, must be at least 100 pages to count. I kinda had this goal for last year, but only made it to 36 last year. I think 20 more is totally doable. If you're interested, I track them on goodreads.
  • Lose 30 pounds. Currently at 190. I don't know what a good "healthy" weight is for me so I'm shooting for 160 and then will reassess.
  • Become a full-time student. This one is probably the hardest and scariest to accomplish for so many reasons...
  • Respond to any communication (email, phone, fb, etc.) in a timely manner. No more than 48 hours, aim for less than 24 hours. Even if the response is "I don't know yet, I'll let you know in x amount of time"
  • Find ways to like my job again.
    • Work on getting good people elected to the school board. And see if I can incorporate this work into my "day-job" so I'm not overworking myself.
    • Create to-do lists with specific action items for the next day. I seem to spend quite a bit of time floundering to figure out what to do next since much of my work is nebulous. "Make education better..."
  • Blog more about life and less about crap I think is interesting (or maybe just find a better balance between the two) I find my sister's "about life" posts super interesting and imagine my typical post is pretty boring-ish.
  • More alternative transportation. Moving to STL will help tons with this as friends, gym, grocery, library and post office are all within a few miles. Use my bike! More exercise and good for the earth too! I used to do it in Boulder all the time, even when it was cold and can easily do it here with the cold too.
I love a good "year in review" article or video and here are a few of my favorites: Warning! You can waste quite a bit of time on the following!


  1. Oh...I'd like to get down to 165 lbs. I'm currently somewhere around 185-190. I was down to 175 before the holidays, but then there were the holidays. Do you like to compete? I'd like to be "done" by the beginning of April. Who can be the biggest loser by April Fool's day? hehe


  2. Oh, yes please! Game on! I like the deadline, shall we do lbs lost, fat % lost? What should be the prize? (preferably something cheapish...) Let's email or decide details next time we're face-to-face...