Shots in the night

What is the appropriate time to wait to go outside after you hear gunshots?

Last night I heard gunshots from my house in East Saint Louis. This isn't a new occurrence for me, but it is an unpleasant one. The first few times I heard it I tried to convince myself that it was just someone putting of fireworks. It's not. What made this time different from the numerous other times I've heard gunshots was that I was planning on leaving my house again that evening. (In fact, should've been leaving as I heard the gunshots) I waited. And waited. And then about 10 minutes late I made my way to my car and drove off and was just fine.

I always think of what circumstances caused someone to fire a gun. What was the trigger that turned an argument into a shooting? Violence is dumb.

I hate weapons, especially guns.


  1. gotta be a car backfiring.

  2. oh prolly. and I just bumped my elbow too. :)