Highlights of the Day, Deanna style

I'm inspired by my sister's newsy updates on her Herald Herald and thought I would try it too.

Puzzle with Mom. I have lots of good memories puzzling with the fam. Sometimes I feel bad for my mom cause I get really into it. But we get lots of good chat/reconnecting time too.

Walking with Dad. For the first time in my life I feel in the same physical shape or better than my dad. (He's likely just holding back to make me feel good.) While running, I could run longer than him, but he can definitely run faster. Weirdly I can't tell the difference in altitude between here and St. Louis. Also, we have super interesting conversations.

Crab Legs. Mom bought crab legs for a special family meal (a first for our family I believe) The crab meat was so-so, but the meal was full of laughter as crab meat went flying and we invented new ways of getting the small bits of meat out. I love laughing.

Reconnecting with Lauren. Lauren and I went for a night hike tonight in Ute Valley Park and stargazed for a bit until we froze and then sipped Maté in the car. Lauren and I have been friends for 10 years now. I think getting the rare face-to-face time is important to maintain the friendship so it's a good thing our parents are likely not going anywhere so we'll always have the occasional Christmas to be in the same state at the same time.

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