Resolutions Week 5

Another week gone! I feel somewhat indifferent about last week. Some good, some bad... I ate a lot of dessert which was not so good. And I didn't exercise a couple days. But I got my "someday" gmail folder down to a manageable few emails. I haven't felt motivated to do much of anything productive the last couple days so I think I'll keep my resolutions light this week.

Things that went well:
-I bought some organic ketchup at albertson's that was surprisingly cheap. Yum. And I've finally convinced the higher-ups to buy HFCS-free bread. yay!
-I've continued to use a daily to-do list that I write and the start of the week for some big-ish things that I want to get done and that seems to be working really well for me.

And not so well:
-I forgot to include how sore I would be from yoga since I have done a full hour of yoga in at least six months. I only did yoga twice and my body hurt mucho, mucho after each time. At least it was good pain.

And my pretty calendar for last week:

Resolutions Week 5:
  1. No more ice cream. I have survived just fine without it for many weeks. I've had it three days in a row and need to get back to the place where I don't crave simple carbohydrates.
  2. Scan box of memories. I found another mild crate full of papers to be scanned and discarded. I think if I spend about an hour a day I should be able to finish this one.

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