Resolutions Week 4

I did really well last week! Yippee! I still started out super awesomely and then slacked near the end of the week (and a few big things got pushed to next week because I didn't have enough information) so I'll give myself an A-

One of the most excited thing that happened is that I called a group in Denver about going the ANA DC Lobby Days and they are giving me a scholarship to help pay for this awesome trip! I can't wait for my first trip to DC! (But I'm already scared about lobbying my congresspeople)

Last week in picture form: (getting more and more cluttered!)

Resolutions Week 4
  1. Yoga 5 Times. any day. at least 20 minutes (I found a couple free guided yoga podcasts so I can do it at home)
  2. No HFCS. this one is pretty easy as long as I go tomorrow and buy some HFCS-free ketchup. cause ya'll know that I couldn't possibly go without ketchup for week. (oh yeah--and I can't drink the second half of my dad's daily coke)
And a final cool thing I found recently:
I've been reading YES! Magazine here and there and think their magazine is really beautiful. This article (An Invitation to Sacred Intention) spoke a bit about resolutions and intentions. I just reread and tried to summarize and failed so it's all up to you.
"Taking time each day to focus on a Sacred Intention nourishes and nurtures us, and helps us achieve the other intentions we have set for ourselves."

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