Antidote for War

I had an idea for a fun post. But then I forgot. (I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere so it's still coming...)

I had way too much fun changing my banner (lots of you use the rss feed and prolly don't notice that I change my banner weekly-ish which is why I'm mentioning it so you can go to my real live blog and check it out!)

and the quote:
"When all the peoples of the world remember to laugh, particularly at themselves, there will be no more dictators and no more war."
--Ben Lucien Burman

And now for some laughing at myself:

I hope that made you feel good because it sure made me feel good!


  1. Kaleena knows sign language too!

  2. these display "O" and "D" funny. Maybe that's standard, but I would think you'd display the O and D so that you could actually see the shapes of the O and D formed by your fingers.

  3. you're right! that would make more sense.