Pikes Peak EcoFestival

Guess what's happening tomorrow? Colorado Springs' first eco-festival! The festival will have exhibitors, free yoga, music, workshops and food. It is tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-3 at Rock Ledge Ranch in Garden of the Gods. I plan on attending the Composting workshop at 10:30 (I'm trying to start composting at my house) and maybe some pilates or yoga in the afternoon.
I hope to see you tomorrow!!


  1. We have a composter in our back yard that was there when we bought the house. I opened it, out buzzed several stingable insects, shut it, and never opened it again. I'm thinking about getting into it again.

    You should do composting with worms.

  2. Why worms? I think they have to be kept warm in the winter and I'm pretty sure mom and dad would not be a fan of having them inside.

  3. Holy cow! Over 1000 people attended this event! I can't wait for next year.