Bible Literalists

I've always wondered how people who take the Bible literally decide which parts to take literally. It seems like they pick and choose: yes the earth was created in 7 days, yes homosexuality is an abomination, but what about the whole rest of the books of Leviticus and Numbers? Most Christians that I know that claim to be Bible literalists still largely ignore the 613 laws in those two old testament books. This is why I really enjoyed these ads posted in Texas:

Should we take these versus literally too? (btw--I'm very far from being any sort of biblical scholar and don't even know what versions of the bible these are taken from)

Would Jesus Discriminate? appears to play a play off "What Would Jesus Do?". WWJD is something my sister commonly asks when questioning her family and friends about their views on various issues. I think I like this knew WJD (would Jesus Discriminate) even better!

Here are a couple more that they put out. (Click on the pics to get an explanation of the Bible Stories)

[via Friendly Atheist]

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