Personal Use of Marijuana

This old news, but I just heard about it. A few months ago Representative Barney Frank (remember dude from video about talking with a dining room table?) introduced HR 2943, The Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act which would decriminalize possessing pot. Currently this bill has bipartisan support with 9 co-sponsors (and yes, Libertarian Ron Paul is one of them) The full bill is concise and clear and I hope it passes!

I learned about this in the Our View column of the Gazette. The Gazette calls the prohibition of marijuana a freedom issue.

"Here's a news flash, folks: is you need permission from government to do something that harms no one but yourself, you're not really free. True freedom is the right to choose from any actions that don't harm the right of others, even if the majority opinion is that such action is harmful to the individual taking it. HR 2943 acknowledges that by getting the feds out of least a small part of the drub prohibition business."

Fun fact! There are at least 12 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs!

(Another related bill was introduced around the same time: HR 2835)

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