Sold My Clothes Today

...and I wont be doing that again. Too much time and humiliation for only $10. I'll donate it all next time and then get the good feelings that come with donating. Out of 60 items, they bought 7. (I estimated about a third was worth buying. Apparently I overestimated...) My guess for pricing was spot on though: $2 for dresses, $1 for pants and $.50 for shirts but then she rounded down when all said and done and there is no room for bargaining as they can easily just buy from the next person that walks in the door with bags of clothes.

Well, I guess I learned something and now know that it's definitely not worth it.

(Nicely, I finally bought a pair of shorts at the thrift store next door, Twice Blessed, for $3. Yay for having shorts that actually fit me!!)

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