Dumb April Fool's Day

uggh. I don't like it. Here's just a small sampling of the things that I was "fooled" by:

1. Email from Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WLRV):
Dear Kaleena,

Thank you for registering for the facelift project at the Flat Irons.
It's going to be an exciting project for rapellers, obsessive cleaners and those who just love to hang off the side of cliffs!

We'll be working with several agencies to clean up, scrape off and put the shine on the Flatirons for the first time since they were constructed in the 1930s.
(I really like working with this organization so I emailed them saying, "i'm confused. I didn't register for any event...can you please help me sort this out?" Uggh.)

2. Best Funeral Ever:

Original Post: Best Funeral Ever

(I saw this one at about 11 PM on March 31, so I definitely was not yet tuned into April Fool's Day yet. I was really pissed off and was one of the first people to write an angry comment about how disappointed I was with this distasteful prank. Uggh.)

3. My poor mother called me all concerned about google's pank. (She's new to the gmail world and doesn't know yet that google has a history of 04/01 hoaxes (Gmail Autopilot)

So really, I hate April Fool's Day because I'm very gullible (maybe trusting is a better word?) BUT, I've decided my favorites are the ones that are just funny and obviously fake:

1. Touchless iCar

2. Evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence found

3. Eco Vehicle

(The funnies were all shared by Matt, Thanks Matt!!)

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