Elbow Update

(written 12/19) Surprisingly, I'm not nervous (at least not yet) about my upcoming surgery on Tuesday. I do, however, keep coming up with silly/ridiculous questions: (answers in pink)
  1. Will I have to wear one of those silly shower caps? yes! but I don't ever remember anyone putting it on.
  2. Can I wear socks, or will my feet just freeze. I got to wear tan, thick socks with grippy thingies on the bottom. They're my new, favorite wear-around-the-house socks
  3. In addition to numbing my arm, will they sedate me? Cause otherwise I think I will talk too much--that's what I do when I'm uncomfortable/nervous. Yeah, they did sedate me too. And I did talk too much until they sedated me :)
  4. Can I eat afterward? I think I'll be hungry cause I can't eat before. yes, but i didn't eat anything till about 7 at night. weird.

The surgery went well! The surgeons found several small pieces of cartilage and also a chunk of loose tissue that they took out. Hopefully (fingures crossed) the stuff they took out of my elbow was the culprit for the pain in my elbow. I wont find out few several weeks though. They put a cast on my arm and I spent a week with my parents and had a loverly time.

Yesterday, I had a check-up and my Dr. took out the stiches and I now have a new splint (it's removable though)

Apparently my recovery is all going as it should. I start physical therapy tomorrow which I'm sure will be quite painful.

(oh, and gorry picture of the inside of my elbow to come--I forgot to ask my doctor for it yesterday.)

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