So I just listened to this really great podcast!

Spirituality. What does that word really mean? This summer, when I was in Mexico, we talked a lot about spirituality and how people from the U.S. may be may economically rich, but may also suffer from "poverty of spirit". This summer we also talked about how there are different types of poverty and each person can have strengths and weaknesses in each of these area:

Types of Poverty:
1. Economic Poverty
2. Bodily Poverty
3. Mental Poverty
4. Cultural Poverty
5. Spiritual Poverty
6. Political Poverty
7. Societal Poverty

Back to the podcast I just listened to:

It's called "Point of Inquiry" and this particular episode was titled "Thank God for Evolution"

Rev. Michael Dowd shared that in order to work towards uniting the world, we need a common "creation myth" and that creation myth can and should be evolution. He also had a non-supernatural view of God that I'm interested in learning more about in my quest to be a more "spiritual person" (whatever that means)

He also talked about heaven and hell as something that we can experience here on this earth (again, not supernatural). I can really get on board with that idea too.

I look forward to listening to part two "The Marriage of Science and Religion"

Thanks for reading...
~Ever Confused

P.S. What does spirituality mean to you?

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