Small Town Values


  1. Ach, it just transliterated it, so it took the Greek characters and turned them into latin characters.

    Χαλερος εστίν ό βιός

    Transliterating it, you do get something like

    Chalepos estin ho bios.

    If you've studied biology, you know what bios is (it's life).

    If you've studied Spanish, French, or Latin, you should recognize estin (think estar?)=is.

    Chalepos is a little different. It means difficult.

    Thus: Χαλερος εστίν ό βιός=Life is difficult (or hard).

  2. And, yes, it does feel amazing to be debt free!

  3. Small town values? I live in a relatively small town. We pretty much have the same values as anyone else. We're just a little more xenophobic and more interested in who is having sex with whom. Yeah...small town values...