Waaah! I feel poor!! (Adventures in Taxes)

My dad called this afternoon with some tax questions. He told me that he was finally getting started and he inspired me to do the same!

Oh man, I just combed through this giant stack of papers to find all my W2s and alas I got to the bottom of the stack and they were nowhere to be found...

But I did find my 2007 Colorado Income Tax Guide! Neatly stacked inside was all my W2s and 1098T! I'm more on top of things than I realized!

It only took me about an hour (I hate when I put things off for months and months and they only end up taking a little bit of time. When I finally finished, I sadly realized that I was only $77 away from getting a tax rebate. Also, my refund was very, very small. Generally it is considered a good thing to keep your free loans to the government to a minimum, but I am missing the days of christmas in may!

Anyways, if you haven't done your taxes yet, just do it. It's not that bad. And if you make under $30,000 (I'll just take a stab in the dark and say that most of my friends fall in that category) then you can you Freedom Edition of TurboTax for free!


  1. TurboTax is my best friend, because I am not confident with my math skills and because e-filing is lovely. It still costs a fee to e-file state taxes, but I do it anyway because they just take it out of your refund and you know. That's cool.

  2. Remember when I spent an evening showing you how I did my taxes online? Hahaha.....yeah.