Own the Day

Long time, no blog. I've done a better job of prioritizing what ought to be prioritized these last few months which unfortunately didn't include blogging. (Note: "better" job. Not great or awesome...I'm working on it)

As per my usual I have the start of a dozen or so posts in drafts waiting to be polished and posted. This one, however, has be on my list since the day I started this blog: to explain the name of my blog! I even had to search through my old posts to make sure I hadn't already done it and forgotten :)

What kicked me into finally writing about my blog title was encountering the source again today. Over the last several months I've been rewatching Star Trek: Voyager and just today hit the episode where I first heard my blog's namesake.

Lyndsay Ballard was reanimated by the Kobali and after returning to Voyager, Harry Kim is telling her (his best friend and woman he's in love with) of the eulogy he gave at her funeral:

Kim: I gave the eulogy at your funeral.
Ballard: Oh? What did you say?
Kim: [Shakes his head "no"]
Ballard: Come on. It's everyone's fantasy to hear their own eulogy.
Kim: Absolutely not!
Ballard: Probably for the best... You always were a terrible public speaker. I just hope you didn't stutter too much.
Kim: I told them you had a favorite saying. Something you got from an old Klingon battle cry.
Ballard: Own the Day
Kim: I said that you always believed in attacking each day. Possessing it. And that that was what made you so much fun to be around.
Ballard: Is that when everybody burst into tears?
Kim: I said that if you'd been there, you would've told them to "Own that day". To attack it. Make it their own. And plan to do the same thing tomorrow.
Ballard: Pretty strong stuff.
(Ashes to Ashes on Netflix Watch Instantly)

I searched to find this elsewhere and can't. Yup. The Voyager writers made it up. And I'm OK with that. But just for fun, I found the Klingon translation: jaj vIghaj (Thanks Qunchuy) I have no idea how to pronounce it, but still fun.

The idiom "Own the Day" is really just a different way of saying "Carpe Diem" but I like it and need to do more day-owning in my life. :)

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  1. Thank you for unabashedly posting the Trekker origins of "Own the Day", complete with quotes and screenshots

    Thank you for linking to the original episode on Netflix (watching it now!)

    Thank you for sharing :)