Almost Dateless for Junior Prom

Two weeks before junior prom and I still do not have a date. The is true for three of my closest gal-pals too. After much discussion, we finally decide to take matters into our own hands and start forming a plan.

The four of us are taking an intensive calculus class that meets every day for an hour and a half. There are about 20 people in the class and after spending the better part of a year together, we have grown pretty close. It doesn’t take long to divy up who we will choose. We quickly list the men in the class and eliminate the ineligible ones: Senior (not Junior), in a relationships, unattractive, too nerdy, etc. We end up with a list of about 5 guys. Then we each pick the guy we’re going to ask out. After a few days of planning, the big Thursday morning finally arrives.

Maggie (who intends to go stag) rallies our picks by the nook where my group of friends typically congregates. After lining the four men up in the appropriate order, she cues us to enter. We march in single file--signs in tow--until we are each standing in front of our respective picks. After glancing from left to right we flip our signs that each have one word on them: PROM: - BE - MY - DATE?

After some uncomfortable laughter from the boys three of us got a “yes” along with grins from ear to ear all around. None of our matches lasted past prom night but made for a memorable evening and an even more memorable story.

Girls from Left to Right: Ashley, Kaleena, Megan, Sarah, and Maggie

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