How I'm Voting: Midterm Elections 2010

Maybe this isn't a good idea to post publicly, but I can always change my mind and take it down later...Although I'm currently living in East Saint Louis, I'm voting in the Colorado Election because I've been actively involved in Colorado politics (and I want to keep my Colorado residency too!)

Resources I used for deciding how to vote:
My Votes:
  • United States Senator - Michael F. Bennet
  • Representative, District 5 - Kevin Bradley
  • Governor - John Hickenlooper
  • Secretary of State - Bernie Buescher
  • State Treasurer - Cary Kennedy
  • Attoney General - Stan Garnett
  • State Board of Education, Distirct 5 - Paul Lundeen
  • CU Regent - Melissa Hart
  • State Senate, District 5 - abstain, I don't like my option
  • State Representative, District 20 - abstain, I don't like my option
  • County Clerk and Recorder - Tom Mowle, I've heard this guy speak several times and think he's a great choice for El Paso County.
  • County Treasurer - abstain, I don't like my option
  • County Assessor - Mark Lowderman
  • County Sheriff - Terry Maketa, lesser of two evils?
  • County Surveyor - abstain, couldn't find any info on him whatsoever (G Lawrence Burnett?)
  • County Coroner - Bob Bux
  • Judge Retentions - Retain all of 'em
  • Amendment P - YES
  • Amendment Q - YES
  • Amendment R - YES
  • Colorado Amendment 60 - NO
  • Colorado Amendment 61 - NO
  • Colorado Amendment 62 - NO, didn't we already vote on this in 2008?
  • Colorado Amendment 63 - NO
  • Proposition 101 - NO
  • Proposition 102 - NO
  • County Question 1A - NO
  • County Question 1B - NO
  • County Question 1C - NO
  • County Question 1D - NO

Please know that even though I voted for democratic candidates in all but one race, I spent several hours reading and researching to pick the best candidate for each position.

And although I can't vote on Colorado Springs issues since I my address is in the county, here's how I would vote on the three Colorado Springs issues:

2B - YES
2C -  NO
300 - NO

Don't forget to sign the the envelope for your ballot. If it's not signed, it will not be counted :(

Also, when I was working for El Paso Elections, a surprising number of people wrote things on their envelopes about politics, government or religion. (The most popular being simply: In God We Trust) Any ideas for something fun and clever that I can write on my envelope?


About East Saint Louis

I want to write about my time in East Saint Louis but I want to be respectful to my friends/coworkers/community partners/neighbors while doing so. I've been struggling with how I can best talk about these issues of race, poverty, and education honestly.

OK, so here's the plan boys and girls: I'm going to put a delay of a year on any posts specific to where I'm living and the work I'm doing. I'll post my personal and generic posts as usual (semi-not-at-all, hehe) and then in about a year you'll start seeing East Saint Louis posts (with the label 'esl') if you want to find them all in one place.

Hold on to your hats and be patient :)

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Change Harlem and AmericaWhatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Change Harlem and America by Paul Tough

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A tough read because this book spoke exactly to the work I'm doing right now: intergenerational poverty and working to overcome it. Several times while reading I found myself nodding in agreement and wondering why I was spending my leisure time reading about something I spent struggling with all day long.

Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children's Zone, is constantly struggling to come up with creative solutions to help children escape from their circumstances. He's set up a "conveyor belt" of services from pre-birth through high-school to try to change the culture in Harlem.

This conversation surrounding our terrible education systems in the US seems to be coming up more and more frequently and this gives me hope that change is on the horizon.

A few things that I like on the subject: