Get Excited!

whoopsidasie. Yes. It's been more than a month since I last posted. I have a real job now! (well, it's not that real--it will probably end in the next week or two) I've realized that I'm pretty terrible at trying to work full-time and keep up with all the things that used to be a big part of life and I'm slowly trying to find the magic "balance" that manages to chronically allude me...

Here's a few of the things that may be formed into some sort of blog post(s) in the coming weeks:
  1. Nuclear Weapons and Energy (stuff I learned from my trip to Washington DC)
  2. TEDxDU (I went to this half-day TED event in Denver and it was STUPENDOUS!
  3. Targeted Ads
  4. "Draw Muhammad Day" thoughts
  5. 4YG, the end of the world as we know it and Imagine, Connect, Act
  6. Living Solidarity and Liberation Theology
  7. Fringe splash screens
Is all this cryptic enough for you? ohmygoodness I'm excited! I had better get started!

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