Omar Ahmad: Political change with pen and paper

I really like this TEDTalk and it's only 6 minutes long!
"You've take you passion and you've turned it into stewardship. You actually put action to the issues you care about. --Omar Ahmad"

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This advice of sending a letter is against most everything I've heard lately since snail mail takes weeks to go through the intense security (rather than seconds via email) But I do agree that a letter likely (literally) holds more weight. I like the idea of making it your goal to write to your elected officials monthly. I do think that if you keep in touch than you can better build relationships and relationships can help you get things done. The 4-step letter seems like a good guide that I look forward to trying too:

Parts of the Letter:
  1. Appreciation--flattery encourages people to listen
  2. Address the Issue--attack tactics and issues but not the person
  3. Exit Strategy--"if only you knew the info I do, then we would agree.."
  4. Solution--offer solution and offer to help
"A letter is one of the few times that we have honest communication.

And the final thoughts:
"A letter is one of the few times that we have honest communication."
Desire to Communicate + Stewardship = Powerful Dialogue

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