YES on 2C

If you haven't voted yet, you're not too late. You still have until 7 PM to drop off your ballot at the County Clerk and Recorder's Office (or at one of the satellite offices at Chapel Hills Mall near JCPenny's or at 5650 Industrial Place, at the southeast corner of Powers and Airport) Please let me know if you have any questions regarding voting!

Ballot Measure 2C is a measure to increase property tax to help the city with its $25 Million budget shortfall. Currently Colorado Springs has the lowest taxes per capita of similarly sized cities along the front range and even with this increase, we will still have one of the lowest. I think this is the most telling graph for this campaign:

Text of 2C
"Shall City taxes be increased (final year $46,000,000) annually by increasing 2009 general property tax 6.00 mills, 1.00 additional mill per year for four years, constituting voter approved revenue change."

Without this initiative, Colorado Springs will see a significant decline in our quality of life. Strong police and fire departments and well-maintained parks and streets protect our property values and ensure Colorado Springs remains a great city for families. (See Projected Budget Cuts)

Please join me in voting YES for 2C! (and vote no on 300--it's just Mr. TABOR Doug Bruce again)

You can learn more at A City Worth Fighting For

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