I think I'll apply for this one!

Yup...this is definitely the job for me. Although when I used to work as a barista I managed to burn myself several times with my clothes on! I can't imagine the workers comp they would have to pay out. It's prolly a scam though.
Baristas Wanted! (Colorado Springs)
via craigslist | food/beverage/hospitality jobs in colorado springs on 8/15/09

We have positions open for experienced baristas at a busy new drive thru espresso stand in Colorado Springs !
You must be atleast 18 years old, friendly, confident, and honest.
If you are interested, please send a resume with a picture, and we will be setting up interviews in few weeks.
The tips and hours are great, and the schedule is flexable.

e mail: coloradobarista@gmail.com

Postions available are...

Monday –Friday 5:00 am – 11:30 am (morning shift)
Monday –Friday 11.30 am – 6:00 pm (afternoon shift)
Saturday 6:00 am – 11:00 am (morning shift)
Saturday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (afternoon shift)

Applications will be taken for the next three weeks only.

September 2nd, 2009 will be the final day to have all resumes received.

We would like to thank you for your interest in the company.

Thank you & good luck!


  1. Hilarious beware on craigslist:

    BIKINI XPRESSO **BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE** (powers and omaha)

    Bikin Xpresso opened as Colorado's first "bikini" coffee shop a little over a month ago. In dire straights, I applied for a job and decided to put my brains on the backburner and use my feminine wiles to make a few bucks. The first problem arose when the owners were too cheap to pay their employers for training. They expected myself and the other girls to prance around in ridiculous outfits making lattes for a week for free before the store actually opened. Keep in mind that they never bothered to tell us that we weren't being paid - I had to ask to find out. Shady.
    Then they asked us to stand on the MEDIAN of POWERS in bikinis to wave signs to bring in business. When I questioned the safety of standing on the side of a very busy road with a 55 mph speed zone I was kindly told that if I didn't like it then I could find another job. Wow! Gotta love caring and considerate employers! The owners also just moved here from Germany and their english SUCKS! It makes communication very difficult when the owner is running to the thesaurus to look up every other word that comes out of your mouth to try and understand you! Perhaps you should take a few more English classes before opening your own business in the United States??? Yeah. That might be a good idea.
    THEN they set up a website for their business and STOLE pictures of models from other websites to plaster all over the place. Number one, this is false advertisement. None of the girls working at Bikini Xpresso are model material. Nope, not even me! Cute, yes - model material, no. Number two, they did NOT get permission to do this which is copyright infringement. Very unethical and unprofessional guys! But that seems to be the norm for you so whatever.
    Finally pay day comes and guess what?? They wrote me a post-dated check and didn't even bother to tell me! They let me drive to the bank only to have the teller inform me that my check was no good. Hey, no biggie! My car is special and runs off of water. I don't have to worry about wasting gas driving across town to the bank! NOT that you guys were worried about it - I'm just sayin'.
    The real kicker came when we hired a new girl who decided that she wanted to be the queen bee. She didn't want anyone working there that was "prettier" than her (her own words). Well NEWS FLASH honey! You're not pretty AT ALL! You're life as a career stripper before becoming employed at Bikini Xpresso shows on your face. You look hard and worn out. Then again, you are "gettin on up there" in age. Guys want to see hot YOUNG girls in bikinis - not middle aged ex-strippers with kids! Too bad you didn't use some of that good stripper money to get your teeth fixed. And a little piece of advice: When you wear a thong leotard to work at least put on a decent pair of heels, not your K-mart specials! You're trashy enough already.
    Ultimately my untimely demise came when one of the owners "accidently" touched
    Ultimately my untimely demise came when one of the owners "accidently" touched my...ahem...rear end. I not so kindly informed this person that they better not EVER put their hands on me again. I was inexplicably fired the next time I came in to work. Oh wait a minute, it wasn't exactly inexplicable. Apparently we were $5.25 short, and I of course was accused of stealing it. Never mind that 5 other people had their hands in the register that day. Yep, I made 50 dollars in tips during my 3 hour shift and decided to steal $5.25. Mmm K.
    The moral of the story? The owners of Bikini Xpresso treat their employees like shit. And their coffee? It's shit too. I actually got bitched out for stopping by Starbucks on my way to work one morning to get a decent Breve. Now that's sad.

  2. Dear Guys,

    I am the guy who gave these two pieces of shit (Lauren and Zack Brunson) space for their RV in my backyard. And you what? These pieces of shit have stolen my dog, money and tools from my garage (worth $ 2,000.00). And these pieces of shit make revange against Bikini Xpresso. I know the owners pretty good. They are very nice. They fired this piece of shit - she steels, came several times too late to work, steels stuff from them and more. She was to stupid doing normal work. When she got fired (and trust me this was right to do this) they moved without paying me rental, gas and energy. How bad must they be to steel also my dog? This stupid guy used also always my cell phone (they don't have any money). When they moved they told me that her parents are very sick - this was also a bad lie????? And you know what? They moved to Glenwood Springs. He got a job but I called his new boss (I could find the number in my cell). How bad must somebody be to do this stuff!!!!