My Dirty Little Secret

(I currently have about 5 posts in the "draft" stage. I've decided that I should finally post a few and move on...please excuse the rambled-ness)

I watched The Secret last night, and I feel a little guilty to admit that I liked it. (especially since I have made fun of people who said they believed in the "secret") I mostly like the "Law of Attraction". I think that there is tons that we have yet to understand about the brain--especially the mind-body connection.

The part I didn't like was the idea that you can "manifest" things (a red bike or a $1000 check were the examples in the movie.)

I think I'm going to find some Eckhart Tolle, Jerry and Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer to read next...sweet


  1. I came to your blog because you left a comment on mine where I have an Eckhart Tolle eBook download. The link was broken when you went there, but now it's fixed.

    Sorry, and I hope you do grab it. Eckhart, in my opinion, blows "The Secret" out of the water.

    My URL is: http://expandingthoughts.com

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