Name Game

So, each time I join a new group (my new job is the one I'm referring to this time...) about half the people learn how to pronounce my name correctly, and the other half do not. And the ther is usually a "pronunciation battle" for a few weeks until I get disenchanted. I try to gently correct people but my requests seem to be ignored after the second or third correction.  Uggh, I never know what to do at this point.

My new job has a message board where anyone can post questions/comments/concerns. What do you think about just a general post:

This is how you pronounce my name:

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  1. I've noticed that too!! When I speak of you to people who have met you, half of them insist on "Kah-lee-na". Drives me nuts too, and it's not even my name they're mispronouncing!!