Some Random Notes...

1. I watched Ocean's Eleven--the 1960s version. I had no idea that the 2001 version was a repeat--same character names and everything! I'm a little disappointed cause I thought Ocean's Eleven was so clever...

2. I have all kinds of neat-o things to post from my trip to Mexico. Look out for it. It wont be for awhile because of the business of school starting and my new job at the hotel next door. Yay!

3. I was messing with my blog template this morning trying to add some fanciness and I royally messed it up. I managed to save the template, but then being the obsessive deleter that I am I deleted it before I was even done updating. whoops. I think I have a copy of it on my home computer that I will try to find this afternoon because I really like my template!

4. I'm going to try to post more about interesting things in my life. We'll see how that goes. (most likely in list form--cause that's how my brain works...)

5. Watch Obama's acceptance speech tonight! It starts at 8:00PM MST. Yay!

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