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Dear Men,

My friend Lauren posted this on facebook and I wept reading it and wanted to share it outside that echo chamber. Shadé Ashani also posted it on Facebook . We miss you. Deeply. When women gather together in circles, we tell stories of how much we long for you. Crave you. Pray for you to rise and meet us here. We mourn your missing presence. In our childhoods. In the homes we’ve built without you. In our beds. We hold hands and beg God to set you free from whatever keeps you from standing at our sides. Right here. Here In intimacy. In integrity. In wholeness. In freedom. The places where you are caught in dishonesty, shame, fear, addiction, we grieve and rage over. We see your pain and we see your power. We miss you. We love you. We can’t wait for you to come Home. For the men who have, thank you so much. Please call your brothers, start men’s circles, show them the manuals. Tell them of what you gave up. Of your brokenness and acceptance. Of what it truly means to take up the mantle of

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